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Our mission is to put on a truly memorable, entertaining event, attracting not only the best dealers Central New England has to offer but also the passive shopper, looking for something fun to do on New Year’s Day. -Dave White

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To make this event successful, we have identified three keys:

  1. A Great Program of Events  (See Details Page)
  2. A professional Marketing Plan
  3. A Reasonably priced Dealer opportunity  

  Central Mass Antique Show Marketing Plan

1) Distribution of posters, flyers, promotions through existing Antique Map customers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island.
2) Website: Vendors provide SturbridgeAntiqueShow.com with links and contact info.  Every SPONSOR gets a page, banner with SEO and backlinks to their sites. Dealers will be listed with backlinks to their contact info.   Many vendors get website traffic from our site to yours.  It’s a win-win marketing dream.  We rank so you do!  Already on Page 1 Google!
3) Social Media:  Facebook.com/Sturbridge-Antique-Show – Frequent updates and outreach to interested parties to our website. Networking with friends in the Antique Community is key.  (We have secured a large budget to run ads)
4)  10,000 Program Guides to be distributed in sponsor Antique Shops 30 days before the event.
5) Facebook Ads, (we have a large budget for (facebook ads) linking, special events/ programs as well as an area dining.
6.) Promotion through Out of State Funding from Mass Tourism to target Surrounding communities outside of Mass.

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